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Reiki Treatments – One hour $55.00

Discounts for recurring clients and referrals

Session delivered in the comfort of your own home $65.00

   Introducing Our Reiki Treatment Menu

Personalize your healing session/Offering :

Usui Reiki

Whole Body Takata Western Style

• Treatment is quiet – music optional (60 min)

• Standard hand positions

• Deep restorative rest and relaxation 

Intuitive Reiki and Mindfulness

Mindfulness combined with Dr. Usui’s Japanese Reiki Techniques

• Treatment using intuitive practices (45 min)

• Client’s participation of mindfulness practices prior to treatment:

   breath work, guided imagery

• Client choice of Intention: specific area(s) of focus: spiritual,      

  physical, or emotional

• Conclusion and review (15 min)

Active Participation

Active Participation – Designed for Reiki Practitioners/Masters
​(but not exclusive)

• Client option to interact with practitioner during treatment (45 min)

• Sharing impressions/visualizations

• Client choice of energy tools, sound, music, crystals, aromatics

• Client choice of Intention/Affirmation/ Mantra for treatment

• Conclusion and review (15 min)

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• Strengthens spiritual awareness and self compassion (45 min)

• Empowered by unique energies to address specific health issues

• Healing sounds infused in treatment

• Conclusion and review (15 min)

Reiki and Movement

 Body warm-up and Reiki treatment

• Initiate Ki energy flow through guided movement exercises (10 min)

• Choice of any of the treatment options (40 min)

• Conclusion and review (15 min)

Reiki Dance

Group or Private 

• Activation of Ki energy through the moving body

• Body flow and balancing through simple, joyful movements