Reiki III Master Practitioner (Shinpidin)

Reiki Master includes training on various advanced treatment techniques.
You will learn: 

  • Through discussion, the meaning and understanding of attaining this level of mastery;
  • Incorporating crystals and gemstones with treatments; 
  • How to make and use a Reiki Grid;
  • Japanese meditations.

You will practice: 

  • Using crystals and stones with Reiki;
  • Energy Clearing; 
  • Exchanging of Reiki treatments;
  • Applying Japanese healing techniques. 

You will receive:

  •  A Reiki Master Practitioner initiation;
  •  Information/discussion on personal healing, goals and manifestations.

Reiki Master and Teacher

This is the highest level in Usui Reiki System.
You will learn: 

  • Master training from the Usui system, and information provided from International Center for Reiki Training.

You will practice:

  • Exchanging Reiki treatments;
  • Initiation techniques;
  • Healing attunements;
  • How to give initiations for all Reiki levels including self attunements. 

You will receive: 

  • Reiki Master and Teacher certificate which enables you to be qualified to teach and initiate others to all the levels of Reiki training.


Reiki Training in Rochester, NY

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Training 2016

Skylark Wellness and Healing - Reiki in Rochester, NY

Usui System of Natural Healing

Bring more Light to Your Self and to the World!

 Reiki Training 

 At the office of Lesley James MD Pittsford, NY

Karuna I Reiki®      

Learn the Keys to Unlock the Art of Compassionate Action!

Class registration and location: The Purple Door, Rochester, NY

An opportunity for practitioners who have completed the Reiki Master level

Karuna Reiki® system developed by William Lee Rand and members of the International Center for Reiki Training


Reiki I (Shoden)

Reiki First Degree is the first of three levels of Usui System of

Natural Healing.
You will learn:

  • The philosophy and history of Reiki, and the Reiki Precepts;
  • The benefits of Reiki as an integrative component to health and wellbeing;
  • Basic Reiki techniques for self treatment and whole body treatments for others. 

You will practice:

  •  Self treatment using your newly empowered hands;
  •  How to informally share Reiki with family, friends, pets and plants;
  •  How to effectively talk about Reiki practice to others.

You will receive:

  • A series of initiations that will empower your Reiki connection;
  • An initial understanding of Reiki practice and how it is passed through the historical lineage of Reiki masters;
  • A life long practice for bringing balance at all levels of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual functionality;
  • Inspiration and motivation to reap the benefits of Reiki practice;
  • Continuous teacher support and mentoring.

Reiki II (Okuden)

Reiki Second Degree is the practitioner level training.
You will learn:

  • How to offer remote Reiki treatment without using touch;
  • How Reiki practice can help to change or eliminate unwanted habits;
  • Key points in developing a professional practice.

You will practice:

  • Giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment;
  • Japanese Reiki meditations;
  • Additional Japanese Reiki treatment techniques.

You will receive: 

  • A Reiki initation which will deepen your Reiki connection for mental and emotional clearing and for distance treatments